“We make our own homemade piccalilli on site, based on the chef’s great grandmother’s 100 year old recipe!

Here’s how she did it way back then and how we do it now. A recipe you can easily do in your kitchen.”

Prep 15 mins

Cook 20 mins



Many portions


Chef Level



  • 3lb (1.3kg) mixed veg
  • cucumber, silver skin onions, courgette and cauliflower
  • 1pt white wine vinegar
  • 11oz (312g) sugar
  • 2tblsp mustard powder
  • 2tblsp plain flour
  • 2 rounded tsp curry powder
  • 2 rounded tsp turmeric
  • ½ tsp salt


1, Cut all the vegetables to a small dice removing the cucumber core, and break the cauliflower into small florets about the same size. If you prefer bigger chunks that’s fine but try to keep everything roughly the same size, sprinkle with a little salt, leave for an hour then rinse off and pat dry, this removes any bitterness from the vegetables.

2, Mix all the dry ingredients together with water to a smooth paste, it wants to resemble the consistency of double cream so will take a fair amount of water, use a small whisk to avoid getting lumps in your paste. Boil up the vinegar and sugar in a thick bottomed pan.

3, Pour in the paste and whisk while it comes to the boil, it will seem very thick but don’t worry, the natural liquid in the vegetables will thin it out. Add the veg and cook slowly for four or five minutes, less if you want a nice crunchy texture to your pickle, Take off the heat and transfer to sterilised kilner jars, sealed and labelled your piccalilli will last in the fridge for a couple of months and actually improve with age.